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www.coshambaptist.orgCosham Baptist Church
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www.biblegateway.comBible Gateway - An online bible, NIV version with study tools and search facility. word for today - Study the bible day by day or sign up to recieve the free study guide quarterly by post.
Webmasters Sites Saunders - A computer networking information site, included tutorials for Cisco equipment, mock CCNA exams and tips, University Projects on Seamless wireless Roaming and Cable Modems, Jim's Blog and Playstation Specifications.
www.staniford.netBen Staniford - Here you can find a short guide on how to program using voice recognition, there are many reasons why you may wish to do this; perhaps you have lost the use of your hands due to RSI or arthritis, perhaps you simply wish to impress your office mates with your futuristic wizardry.

18 - 30s Event

Saturday 10 May at Joanna & Duncan's house. Eat before you come but please bring a pudding. Be prepared to enjoy the Eurovision Song Contest! Attendance in costume is not compulsory!

Spacious Place Event

The next Spacious Place event will commence with Praise and Worship at 7.30pm Friday 2 May. There will be prayer starting at 8am on Saturday 3 May and the Centre will remain open all day to allow people the space for reflection quiet time prayer fellowship and creativity.