Vision, Aims and Objectives

Founding Vision

The routes of Langstone Church go back to the early 1970’s when children’s work was started in Moorings Way. In November 1972, the Langstone Christian Fellowship was formally started and the following were aspects of the vision that God showed us we should focus on:

  • To work in Milton and Copnor to meet the spiritual and physical needs of local people and especially of children and young people.
  • To work with the schools by offering a Christian resource.
  • To work with other Churches and help where needed.
  • To pray for the City of Portsmouth and the nation.
  • To be outward looking and to hear from God for ourselves, Portsmouth and the nation.

Spreading the Good News

Whether you have everything or if you are in need, we want to let you know the good news of God’s love bringing happiness, forgiveness and new life through Jesus (a).

Community Activities

We aim to offer a service to the community, as far as we are able – meeting practical as well as spiritual needs and putting on events for all to enjoy (b).

Spiritual Growth

Most people are good at looking after their bodies, but often neglect their spirits. We want to help you grow as a Christian, whether you simply have a lot of questions, have just become a Christian or have been one your whole life. (c)

Caring for each other

We all go through hard times. We trust that at Langstone you will find friendship and a practical expression of God’s love for each other (d).

Supporting those abroad

It is part of our vision and duty to support God’s work in every part of the world, both in evangelism and in caring practically for people’s needs (e).

(a) Why not come to one of our special events. Check out Forthcoming Events.

(b) We plan to do a Community Survey to find out what is needed in the area.

(c) Check out the Alpha Course.

(d) Consider joining one of the Adult Groups.

(e) A tenth of all money given into the church is put aside for overseas missions.